Your advantages

  • Reduction in production costs
  • Reduction in energy and melting costs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Optimized usage of existing resources
  • Full service with DTC’s renowned quality

Cost reductions

We reduce the production costs of aluminium casting. Over the many years we have been working with companies in the field, we have managed to achieve a reduction in production costs for all our customers. We have also succeeded itn appreciably lowering energy and melting costs.

Partnering for success

Based on the data your company provides and our analysis of it, we work together with your staff team to develop a concept for reducing costs in the production process. In our workshops the team act under our supervision to come up with creative ideas for optimizing the production process. These ideas are used to generate a package of measures, which are then quickly implemented in consultation with senior management.

Your savings are higher than the one-off costs

The costs of our work are far less than your potential savings.

Discretion is our watchword

Since we tend to work with sensitive company information, we enter a confidentiality agreement with you at the time we begin working together. Our thirty-year company history is grounded in our customers’ faith in us. This is built among other things on our offering complete third-party confidentiality.

Full service

We work together with partners to keep everything under one roof all the way from the design phase to the final serial product. This means you will have a competent primary contact person and enjoy DTC’s renowned level of quality.

Curriculum Vitae

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